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Q is for Quality


James W. Quandel & Sons, Inc

Our company can trace it's roots back to 1882 and Johann Heinrich Quandel, who started a home building business in Minersville, PA. Now, four generations later, and situated at the site of the original lime kilns,

Serving central Pennsylvania since 1946

Johann H. Quandel

For James W. Quandel & Sons, Inc, the "Q" is for quality. It's part of our history!

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Field Concrete work

From a gasoline powered single axle GMC,

to tri-axle 425 CAT diesel OSHKOSH's

it's been a long road.

NewAndOld LimeKiln

Quandel Concrete continues in the traditions and ethics set down by J.H. Quandel over 100 years ago.

Charles H. Quandel








He was a founding member and first President of the Minersville Rotary Club, President and Director of the Minersville Safe Deposit Bank, and until his death in 1937, Fire Chief of the Rescue Hook and Ladder Fire Company. He was also active in the Middle Atlantic Lumberman's Association and the Lumber and Builders Association of Schuylkill County.


In addition to the home building and general contracting business, a lumber supply yard was added. The venture prospered, and under his guidance the next generation started to learn the trade from the bottom up. After his death in 1937, the business continued under the name of Charles Quandel Estate, with his two sons Noble C. and James W. at the helm.


The business flourished for thirty years becoming one of the leading lumber and supply companies in the area, while also continuing the construction division. In 1945, the concrete ready mix division was added.


In 1968, the brothers decided to diversify, creating two new companies: Noble C. Quandel, General Contractor (known today as The Quandel Group) and James W. Quandel & Sons Concrete. Both companies have continued to grow, working hand in hand, to this day.


James W. Quandel Sr.



Quandel Concrete, as we know it today, was formed in 1968 by Jim and Jean Quandel. Under the guidance of Jim Sr., the company underwent it's most dramatic changes. In 1974, the decision was made to update the fleet with new MACK trucks. In 1976, in conjunction with our nation's Bicentennial, the fleet colors were changed to red, white, and blue, becoming the most recognizable concrete company in central Pennsylvania.


In the next few years, additional trucks were purchased, drivers recruited, and the plant became "state of the art" with computerized operations. More garage and warehouse space was added, in addition to a complete makeover of the office and dispatch area.


The late 70's and early 80's thrust Quandel Concrete to the front of suppliers in Schuylkill County when the company furnished concrete to all the major projects in the area.


The Bay-Mor silo project in Cressona, a week long, 24 hour a day slip form pour, proved to be the catalyst.


Six co-generation plants, a federal and a state prison, numerous water filtration plants and waste water facilities, and the Lebanon Water Dam project outside Pine Grove, in addition to the new home building boom of that era, proved that when quality and commitment was needed, Quandel Concrete could fill the bill.


Jim Sr., set the standard for the next generation, quality products, a distinctive, updated fleet, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


(during construction of Minersville High School Stadium)

The next generation was the current Presidents grandfather, Charles H. Quandel, who was born in Minersville in 1875.


Charles was born on April 3rd, the son of Emil and Wilhelmina Von der Heiden Quandel. He spent his entire life involved in civic and community projects.


Mainly self educated, leaving school at the age of ten to help his parents, he studied by gas lamp at every convience, and went on to become a leader not only in the Minersville area, but in organizations associated with the building trade.

James W. Quandel Jr.


As we approached  the new millennium, the fourth generation, Jim Quandel Jr., prepared to steer the course. In the past few years, Front Discharge mixers, the first in central Pennsylvania, have been added to the fleet. Two Theam conveyors, mounted on MACK rear discharge mixers, were added, to ensure cost effective delivery to the customer.


As the computer age changes rapidly, updating of the company system was in order, keeping up to date and Y2K compliant long before the need.


A major overhaul of the concrete plant, from bins to beltlines, before they fail was accomplished recently, in accordance with the regular scheduled maintenance program.


In the ever competitive concrete industry, aggressive marketing and customer relations are the key to success, and Quandel Concrete strives for this goal. One hundred and twenty four years after that first home was built, technology and faces have changed, but not the commitment to quality products, customer satisfaction, and the dedication to get the job done.


The "Q" is for's part of our history.